Say Hello to the Dynamic Dream Team

Founded by two veterans from the TV and Film industry, Xemana aims to deliver exceptional story-telling and drama in workplace education. Collaborating with experienced trainers and risk management managers from the Building Maintenance and Services industry, Xemana has created an outstanding team.

  • David Braun, CEO & Co-Founder

    David produced and financed film & TV projects for Disney, NBC, CBS & PBS. He has deep expertise in education through entertainment and production management. Earlier, he managed a prominent radio station in San Francisco where he produced broadcasts of the Monterey Jazz Festival for many years.

  • David Lewine, Co-Founder

    David launched new TV and home entertainment projects for Dreamworks, Jane Fonda Fitness, and Sandoz Pharmaceuticals. Over a 35-year career in media he has created new ways to reach audiences with lasting messages on health, children’s safety and the lessons of 9/11.

  • Ernesto Moreno, VP of Development

    Ernesto is Founder, CEO and COO of Moreno & Associates Inc. Since 1993, his BSC has been serving the Silicon Valley with custodial and building maintenance services. Ernesto offers his broad knowledge and experience in the cleaning industry to help shape Xemana to fit employers most urgent needs.

  • Valerie Morris, Risk Management Consultant

    Valerie brings 12 years experience as VP Safety & Risk Management in Building Maintenance at Atalian Global Services, and Aetna Integrated Services. Valerie has a distinguished track record in how to manage and customize proactive quality, safety and risk management solutions with significant bottom-line impact.

  • Kyleigh Moreno, Sales & Marketing Associate

    As the current Director of Sales & Development at Moreno & Associates, Inc., Kyleigh's background in the building maintenance industry showcase her expertise in sales, customer experience, and marketing.

  • Carl Kravetz, Literacy and Culture Consultant

    Carl is a pioneer in communicating to the Spanish-speaking community. Carl is publisher of, which he founded with his wife, longtime TV physician Doctora Aliza. Through partnerships with Warner Media, Meredith Publications and the Harvard Medical School, they have grown it into the largest Spanish-language health information site on the web.