The Training App for the Building Maintenance Industry


A New Direction in Workforce Education

Xemana saves you money and reduces risk with lower insurance, workers comp and fraud costs. With training in your employee’s hand, you’ll reduce overhead and get more employee time on the job, while increasing loyalty and lowering turnover. Here’s how we do it:

  • High quality work-related stories with drama and humor

  • Told in the employees’ language and culture

  • Delivered in an employer-customized app



“This is the only training that’s made for our industry. With this tight labor market, we’ve got to hold onto workers. This program will engage them and build their loyalty. And that will lower turnover.”

- Paul Greenland, VP Sales & Marketing, GMI Integrated Facility Solutions; Former President, Building Service Contractors Assoc.



Xemana is Your Partner

Get Training + Testing + Data Collection


Training That Works

  • Videos that feel relevant, that engage employees

  • Motivated employees will retain lessons and change behavior


Testing That Reinforces

  • Visual, intuitive testing reinforces lessons

  • Testing identifies successes and where employees need help


Digital Record That Protects You

  • Xemana tracks progress by employee, worksite and company

  • Database protects employers in litigation, audit and OSHA compliance



“As a commercial insurance broker, Xemana training provides the tools to help our clients navigate an ever-changing workplace. Xemana's training solutions pay for themselves in lower workers compensation and management costs. This is an amazing solution that I recommend to all my clients.”

- Stephanie Miller, Vice President, Andreini & Company



Affordable for Companies of Any Size

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