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Workplace Training and Management Solutions
Workplace Training and Management Solutions
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Xemana training videos use drama and comedy to engage your frontline employees

Engaging and Dramatic Training Modules

Each video comes with support materials for your frontline employees and managers.

Securing the Building

The Importance of following company rules when left in charge of a worksite or building, especially at night.

Sample Videos
Printable Resources English

Don't Panic

This zoom video helps frontline supervisors and management explain what the company is doing to make sure their employees remain safe when returning to work during the Pandemic and in the future.

Sample Videos
Printable Resources English

Roadmap to a Safer Workplace

More Dramatic Training Videos for Engagement and Retention

Understanding Company Policy
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  1. Workers Comp
    The High Cost of Fraud
  2. Personal Appearance
    How Dress Sends a Message
  3. Using English
    Initiative Always Works
  4. Slips, Trips and Falls
    Shortcuts to Safety Can be Expensive
  5. Securing the Building
    Following the rules when in charge
  6. Don't Panic
    A safe workplace means the team works together
  7. Chemicals
    How important it is to carefully read labels
  8. Waste Management
    You never know what’s in the bag
  9. Closets
    Never under-order or over-order
  10. Harassment

Viral Prevention Tools for Management

Steps to consider when restoring your business

Viral Prevention Training for Employees

Course Resources Resource Links
Pandemic Cleaning English
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) English
OSHA guidance on PPE English
Link to Dr. Aliza video on wearing masks English
Protect yourself and others English
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Injury and Illness Prevention Program (I2P2)

Key OSHA recommended training program required by many states.

Program Elements Summary

Safety Training for the Building Maintenance Industry

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  • Expansion of Pandemic Dramatic Program: Mitigating and preventing viral spread in the future.
  • Alerts: Video and text updates for pandemic and OSHA compliance, plus bulletins on emergency work conditions.
  • Health: Video and text guides to better health (in English and Spanish) with Dr. Aliza of the HITN television network.