• Engaging, Comedic & Relevant

    Engaging and dramatic video courses available in both English and Spanish.

  • Training Courses Under 10 Minutes

    Easily accessible desktop and mobile-based application with training courses under 10 minutes each.

  • Continuous Learning Program

    Continuous learning program that reinforces safety awareness amongst your front-line team.

  • Knowledge & Resource Center

    Additional supplemental training resources are also available.

Not your average training.

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Onboard, Assign & Track

Onboard your employees into your personalized company dashboard and assign various courses to their profile.

  • Waste Management

    In this story, we see that you can never be sure of what has been thrown away and the importance of taking safety precautions in order to protect yourself from harm.

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  • Slips and Falls

    We learn in this story that you can never assume you are the only one working in the building. Use caution and common sense and remember, don’t rush through your work.

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Need further reassurance?

Hear from two industry leaders in the building maintenance industry!

  • When I owned Aetna Integrated Services in Ohio, we had a terrible accident on a job site.  I feared potentially losing my company, but the quality and extensiveness of our safety training program kept us from being penalized or fined by OSHA. Led by our risk manager, Valerie Morris, we continued to improve our training and lower our insurance premiums over $ 1,000,000 in five years.  Valerie currently directs Xemana’s training program and has made considerable advances over our safety program at Aetna.

    Paul G.

  • Our front-line workers are able to connect with these courses on a personal level, fostering engagement in an exciting manner. With a team of more than 200 employees, the option to conveniently send their trainings directly to their phones through text messaging is an enormous benefit! These consequential courses put our employees on the right path to being safer in the work environment.

    Ernesto M.

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