• Cost-saving app built for building maintenance and janitorial services

  • Relevant videos as work-related novelas, en Español y Inglés

  • Network TV quality training videos easily accessed via tablet and phone

Xemana is All-In-One

Training + Testing + Data Collection


Anywhere, Anytime

The Xemana mobile app allows employees to engage with training whenever, wherever they are from the convenience of their mobile phone.

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Engaging & Impactful

Lessons are entirely visual - using brief, funny videos with known Spanish-speaking actors to deliver training that’s memorable and sure to resonate.

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Your Partner In Compliance

Xemana training is managed through a simple dashboard that tracks the company’s progress - providing analytics and a permanent record by worksite; by team; by employee.

Xemana Training

  • Made specifically for the Building and Janitorial Services industry

  • For and about employees in the industry

  • Addresses CAL-OSHA and State Harassment regulations

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