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Two veterans from the TV and Film industry founded Xemana to bring the highest quality story-telling and drama to workplace education. Xemana added prominent trainers and risk management managers from within the Building Maintenance and Services industry to help design the app. And to make Xemana easy to use for both employees and supervisors, we added experts from mobile technology and adult education to complete the team.

Management Team

David Braun, CEO & Co-Founder
Produced and financed film & TV projects for Disney, NBC, CBS & PBS. Expertise in production management & tax & international financing.

David Lewine, Co-Founder
Launched new TV, home video projects for Dreamworks; Jane Fonda Fitness, Sandoz Pharmaceuticals. Expertise in distribution and marketing.

Christophe Louvion, Advisor
CTO PatientPop, CEO M-GO (Dreamworks-Technicolor, sold to Fandango). Partner Inovexus, CTO IAC/CityGrid Media, CTO Evolve Media. Owner of many video streaming patents..

Training & Content Team

Dr. Eugenia Mora-Flores, Education Director
Associate Professor of Clinical Education at USC and an expert on bilingual education, literacy, and Latino culture.

Valerie G. Morris, Senior Consultant, Risk Management
Val brings 12 years experience as VP Safety & Risk Management at Atalian Global Services, and Aetna Integrated Services.  Val has a distinguished track record in how to manage and customize proactive quality, safety and risk management solutions. 

Rick Tate, Senior Consultant, Safety & Compliance
Rick brings 12 years experience as Vice President Risk Management & HR Servicon Services, Inc. and 20 years of service as EVP Pedus Service Inc.  Rick adds deep experience in designing unique and cost-effective programs in HR, Workers Compensation and Risk Management.

Sales & Customer Service Team

J. Ernesto Moreno, Sales Manager
Ernesto is Founder, CEO of Moreno Assoc., a 26-year old company serving the Silicon Valley area with cleaning and building services, and Co-Founder, CEO of Greenside Janitorial Supply. Ernie has used his broad experience to help shape Xemana to fit the cleaning industry’s needs.

Paul Hearing, Senior Consultant, Customer Success
Paul is a Customer Success veteran with 15+ years of enterprise Technology and SaaS experience. He has worked extensively with large brands and agencies across a variety of industries to deploy and scale global technical solutions.

Kyleigh Moreno, Account and Customer Service Manager
Kyleigh learned the Building Maintenance business managing accounts for Moreno & Associates. She brings her customer-first, online and social media expertise to help Xemana serve the needs of the cleaning industry.

IT & App Development Team

Adam Lee, Product Manager
Adam offers Xemana 20 years of experience in mobile and web product development and management, data analysis, UX/UI design, and product optimization. Adam has also added his invaluable expertise in how to present entertainment and information to mobile users. 

NorthSouth Studios, Software and Augmented Reality Development
Xemana selected NorthSouth for their world-class track record in using innovative mobile and web solutions to engage viewers.  The Studio specializes in using emerging technology like Augmented Reality to improve consumer learning and retention.

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